05 Chevy Aveo Service History

The oil we have been using is Cam2 5W30 Full Synthetic from Story Distributing, located at 300 E Griffen Dr. Bozeman; Phone 406.587.0702

Dypex metal conditioner, gas treatment, and Baldwin oil filters can be purchased from Kamp Implement.  Located at 6855 Jackrabbit Lane, Belgrade; Phone 406.388.4304           

Oil filters are ordered in- ask for them to be delivered to avoid paying freight charges.  Oil filter part number B43-S

Electrical- brake circuit repair

Danhof- Repair brake light circuits

Factory Recall

Danhof- Factory recall

Driver side door lock

Danhof- Driver side door lock repair

Clutch Replacement

Danhof- clutch replacement

Timing belt replacement, change all fluids- coolant, brakes and clutch. 1/2

1 of 2 Danhof- Timing belt, all fluids changed- coolant, clutch & brakes

Timing belt replacement, change all fluids- coolant, brakes and clutch. 2/2

2 of 2 Danhof- Timing belt, change all fluids- coolant, clutch & brakes

LOF and check/ repair fogging windshield issue, 1/2

1 of 2 Danhof- LOF, check fogging of windshield issue

LOF and check/ repair fogging windshield issue, 2/2

2 of 2 Danhof- LOF, check fogging of windshield issue

Semi Truck/ Trailer

From This

5m 18s clip on D.O.T. taking a truck out of service:


Why tolerate a $263 service call and at least an hour out of service? When a D.O.T. forced, out of service can be avoided with auto generated preventive maintenance notifications?

What if an owner operator or company could track service history (miles between brake adjustments, a brake service, or a brake diaphragm, gallons between fuel filter changes, etc.) of each asset assigned to each driver?   Each driver has their own operation style; for example some operators are harder on brakes, while other operators are easy on the brakes.  

What is the value of keeping a truck and operator rolling down the highway?  

InSyncT‘s At Your Fingertips, Real Decisions, Made in Real Time, is a web based, computerized maintenance management software (cmms).  Tracking service history, auto generates preventive maintenance (PM) work orders and a whole lot more.  PM alerts and informs an operator about potential issues, prior to becoming problems.  Had the operator been alerted about the brake issues, he would have addressed them way before stopping at D.O.T.  Saved the $263 service call, at least an hour of downtime, and would have continued to his destination.

Save a lot of time, money and frustration; with InSyncT‘s cmms and mobile app.  The trucking company can look up previously installed parts and check on parts availability from the PM.  All before setting an appointment and the truck arriving at the service shop.  Always get the right, parts the first time, even with custom and modified trucks.

Ever have a weathered, unreadable D.O.T. inspection form and/or label? Never be forced to shut down again with InSyncT‘s mobile app.  Simply open the app, scan the qr-code on the truck or trailer, search a work order for the D.O.T. inspection and show the officer a digital copy of the inspection form.  Be back on the road in no time, while the competition enjoys a forced shut down.

Peterbilt with qrcode

How would making real decisions, with real time information, all from your fingertips, impact your business?