I’m here to take back the honor of sales.

To transform, teach, create profits, and promote your way of doing things.

Setting this up will not be easy, but building value is always worth the effort.

Today, the astute insight of a helpful salesperson, WINS!

It’s time to take thoughtfulness to the future.

Multiply yourself and share today’s answers for tomorrow’s problems.

First, to restore what Covid-19 has taken away through social distancing.

Teach consistent training of new hires and create access to step by step, how-to videos.

Create profits by working with insurance to raise the knowledge of risks.

Coach for averting accidents and reduce worker’s compensation claims through a service called, Modus.

Modus means method, not our, but your way of doing things.

I’m ready for the test.

Does anyone want to join me?

The mission is to master the stigma of selling and for Modus to be a profit creator for you.

When I was growing up, I didn’t run around the house pretending to be a salesperson, and I sure didn’t ask for sales training for my birthday.

Sadly, no one wants to be in sales – even though it is the LARGEST profession in the United States.

People hate being sold to but love to buy.

People need sales but hate them just the same.

Even with ALL the other options, here I am… a sales guy.

I am trying to escape the toughest, pushy, and shady reputation that has been set by many before me.

“Hey, what do you do for a living?”

Me (I whisper), “I’m a sales guy…”

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