EmPower Production

Do you know the per hour production and labor, for each machine?  When a machine malfunctions, how much is it costing you?  What are the labor costs to get a machine producing again?

Case study: from a previous experience

Working at 4CR, baling aluminum cans a 30 x 48 x 60” bale weighs 500lbs.  This bale sells for $455 ($.91/lb at 2017 prices) At 12 bales per hour, this machine produces $5,460 an hour, not including labor, or transportation costs.  Any malfunction causes a production loss of $5,460 plus $80 labor per hour, (labor cost for two employees.)  Average wait time for someone to respond was an easy 30 minutes.  Resulting wait time for someone to respond on 5 malfunctions?  2-1/2 hours before addressing any issues!

Assumptions: 5 malfunctions, conservative average three hours per week.  Estimating production loss per year $864,240. 

Let’s do the math: 5460 hourly production x 3 hours = $16,380 + 240 (3 hours labor for 2 employees) = $16,620 x 52 weeks = $864,240 production loss.

EmPower Production- empowers one employee to keep producing through watching a step by step tutorial, on location.  Empower employees to take the appropriate action steps to overcome and get producing immediately.  Assuming the average video is 3 minutes long and another 2 minutes to take the appropriate action steps, each malfunction, for this scenario, could take as little as 5 minutes.  Five malfunctions a week taking less than 30 minutes!

At Your Fingertips- 600% increase, with EmPower Production.

Multiply your knowledge and empower employees to produce.  Maximize efficient use of time, assets, and resources.

Nearly eliminate employees looking for a manager, taking managers away from their priorities and/or customers to resolve a machine malfunction. Significantly reduce production loss and multiple employees working to resolve the same issue. 

Instead empower employees to:

  • Watch step by step videos, on any smart device, on location, to safely restart, or conduct simple troubleshooting on a machine.
  • Resume production, regardless of employee past work experience.
  • Provide instant access and depth to the company’s knowledge.
  • Empower employees to produce.
  • Consistent safety, orientation, and training of new hires.
  • Continued education for all employees- eliminate excuses for not knowing or producing.
  • Safely identify a problem and how to resolve the issue, prior to ever placing hands on the machine.
  • Access how to videos, with any smart device, at the right place, and at the right time, 24/7/365

For production, think EmPower Production!